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Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's Been A Long Time

Wow, hard to believe it has been several months since my last post. I don't know why I got out of the blogging habit -- God know there's always plenty to write/vent about, especially now with the Dhimmicrats running Congress (Heaven help us all)--
but for whatever reason, I got out of the posting habit. But, I am back now and hopefully better than ever!

Politics aside for a moment (and as I write this I am praying for the Brits to grow a backbone in the wake of the Iranian seizure of 15 British sailors), it has been an interesting few months, full of awesome highlights, the biggest of which being the surprise arrival of Carolyn, Mark, Maris and Al for my big 4-0 Party. Wow, 4-0. 40. FORTY. Now that takes some adjustment! But, hey, I am grateful to be healthy and alive...and it doesn't hurt that people tell me all the time I look at least ten years younger than my age!

Seriously, I am deeply grateful for all of the incredibly supportive and loving people that populate my life. I have been abundantly blessed in that area, and having some of my favorite loved ones fly to South Florida to celebrate my milestone birthday was....well, icing on the cake.

I wasn't planning to host a spirited, Philly-themed "Forty Favorites" celebration at first. Although I loved turning 30, this new number seemed to loom large and oppressive, fraught with regret for things done and undone, and concern for what is inevitably around the corner. After all, if I am aging, the same holds true for my parents (despite their overall good health and younger-than-their age looks). And, quite naturally, negative thoughts sometimes randomly float through my mind, in spite of everything I've learned and applied from Unity Church and the 4T Class.

Mainly they revolve around a fear of not finding and marrying the right person for me while Mom and Dad are still here to share in my joy. At times I wonder if my beloved groom exists at all. And even with positive prayer and affirmations, I frequently wrestle with the ominous fear of being alone forever and missing out on one of life's most exhilarating (some would add, infuriating) experiences. I want to shop for the perfect gown with Mom, walk down the aisle on Dad's arm and exchange vows with my perfect soulmate in the presence of family, friends and God. I want the day to day responsibility of looking after someone else and growing with that person through triumph, tragedy and everything in between.

Most often when these and other dark thoughts materialize, optimism and gratitude overcome them, and I go on with work, writing projects and life in general. But after all of the anticipation of planning my 40th birthday party, hosting unexpected and ecstatically-welcomed family, and reveling in the joy of close friendships (did I mention a fabulous cake and wonderful presents?), the realization of forty hit surprisingly hard. Combined with a recent bout of bronchitis (which made the rounds 'round here and in Philly), it (temporarily) stole my typical fighting spirit and dogged determination.

Then I remembered a devastating, life-altering day this past December, 2006 (To Be Continued).

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dubya and the Democrats

It didn't take long for President Bush to embrace his new friends in the majority. Now that the Open-Borders/Amnesty Democrats have defeated those pesky Republicans in the House and Senate, Dubya appears elated. If we needed any further proof that this President is a squishy moderate in (formerly) conservative clothing, yesterday's press conference should put those doubts to rest:

"The Democrats won the election yesterday, and that means they get some of what they want, if not a lot of what they want, if not all of what they want." Specifically, here's what you can look for: You can look for there to be a minimum wage bill. The president was passionate about one thing in this press conference. He came alive when he was asked a question about: What does this mean for your immigration policy? "Yes, I think we have a better chance of getting immigration reform now with a Democrat-controlled Congress."

Fabulous. Don't get too comfortable with the current thriving economy, because come January, the Demo's, with the blessing of the President, are going to wreak havoc. A minimum wage increase will kill small business owners and open borders/amnesty will create even more entitlement programs, not to mention undermine our already vulnerable national security. Our porous borders are not unnoticed by our enemies, and I'm surprised AQ hasn't yet orchestrated an attack from south of the Rio Grande. It sends chills down the spine to imagine how they must be salivating at the prospect of unleashing bloodshed again on the "paper tiger" now that politicians who view terror as law-enforcement and not a War, are back in power.

Rush spoke for many true conservatives yesterday, in his "liberation" monologue:

I believe my side is worthy of victory, and I believe it's much easier to reform things that are going wrong on my side from a position of strength. Now I'm liberated from having to constantly come in here every day and try to buck up a bunch of people who don't deserve it, to try to carry the water and make excuses for people who don't deserve it. I did not want to sit here and participate, willingly, in the victory of the libs, in the victory of the Democrat Party by sabotaging my own. But now with what has happened yesterday and today, it is an entirely liberating thing. If those in our party who are going to carry the day in the future -- both in Congress and the administration -- are going to choose a different path than what most of us believe, then that's liberating. I don't say this with any animosity about anybody, and I don't mean to make this too personal.

For many of us who are frustrated with pork-barrel spending, political correctness in the prosecution of the War and the antics of the "Gang of 14" (led by John McCain to oppose the President's judicial nominations) the 2006 midterm election was a process of voting for the lesser of two evils, knowing that at least Republicans held strong on national security and terror -- the most crucial issue of our time. We'd vote them back into office, then demand reform. Instead, thanks to the abandonment of conservative principles, we're left with Speaker Pelosi and her San Francisco values. For the 50% of the population who didn't know who she was, that means anti-military, pro-gay marriage, anti-war and big-spending. Feel better?

Many are calling the election debacle a "victory for conservatism and a defeat for Republicanism." Indeed, the far-left of the Democratic party, knowing they'd never win an election based on their true ideals of big-government, big-spending, unrestricted abortion on demand and sympathy for dictators, ran so-called "blue-dog" Democrats, who in some ways are more conservative than their Republican counterparts. In today's Washington Post, George Will observes:

This year Democrats tacitly accepted much of the country's rightward movement over the past quarter-century. They did not call for restoring the 70 percent marginal tax rates that Ronald Reagan repealed. And although Pelosi and 15 of the 21 likely chairmen of committees in the coming Congress voted against the 1996 welfare reform, which has helped reduce welfare rolls by roughly 60 percent, Democrats this year did not talk about repealing it.

The property rights movement gained ground Tuesday as voters in nine states passed measures to restrict governments from exercising eminent domain in order to enlarge their tax revenue. In Michigan, opponents of racial preferences in public hiring, education and contracting easily passed their referendum, 58 to 42 percent, in spite of being outspent more than three to one. In Minnesota -- the only state Democrats have carried in each of the past eight presidential elections, but one that is becoming a swing state -- Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty was reelected. And, come January, the number of Republicans in the House (at least 200) will still be larger than the largest number during the Reagan years (192 in 1981-83).

The country remains receptive to conservatism. That doctrine -- were it to become constraining on, rather than merely avowed by, congressional Republicans -- can be their bridge back from the wilderness.

Unfortunately, with a moderate President "reaching across the aisle" (just as he did with Ted Kennedy on "No-Child Left Behind" and the massive Medicare entitlement) to a woman who's called him the "Emperor with no clothes" among other distasteful things, look for even more illegals to drain the country's taxpayers.

I don't blame the electorate; though they will suffer, as will the rest of us, as a result of taking Republicans to the woodshed. I just pray it won't entail another horrific attack on American soil by an enemy, that, while barbaric in many ways, is wise to both our political system and modern technology.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now for Some Good News

I hope Mike Pence gets it.

Morning After Hangover

Sigh! We knew all along it was coming; the sad thing is, it was completely avoidable. In this age of Jihad and radical Islamic fascism, last night's election results are frightening, indeed. One would think the electorate would be wise enough to see through the Democrats' "centrist" smoke and mirrors routine, but in all fairness, Republican lack of leadership and blatant dismissal of conservative values is ultimately responsible for this debacle.

Let's begin with President Bush. Hard to believe how precipitously he's squandered his 2004 "capital." Having no possession of psychic powers or the ability to read minds, I can only guess at his motivations for abandoning moral clarity and caving in to political correctness. Instead of aligning with President Reagan -- who worked everyday to promote conservative ideals -- W. followed in his father's footsteps, caving into the farcical platitudes of "reaching across the aisle" to Democrats who are now salivating over the opportunity for impeachment hearings, and abandoning so-called "Cowboy Diplomacy," which called an evil-doer an evil-doer.

Many are calling this a "referendum" on Iraq. But polls indicate the dissatisfaction with Iraq is largely based on the War's prosecution and not the War itself. Contrary to what the Democrats preach, most Americans want to win. Problem is, with President Bush's politically-correct military strategy of restraint, crossing the finish line has become an increasingly impossible task.

But it was doomed to failure from the start for several reasons:

1. Basing the entire motivation on weapons of mass destruction. After 9/11, President Bush declared that we would "make no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them." Saddam Hussein was harboring, financing and motivating terror cells all over Iraq, not to mention raping, torturing, shredding, dismembering and committing other horrid atrocities against his own people. President Bush could have made the case that it was only a matter of time until this genocidal madman wreaked havoc in the United States and the free world. Instead, he set himself -- and our troops -- up for failure.

2. Wasting 14 Months with Even More Ineffective UN Resolutions: While Bush did the "obligatory" dance with the UN, Saddam got busy smuggling WMD's into Syria, some of which could possibly have ended up in North Korea. This man had violated, what, like 17 UN resolutions prior, with zero consequences? Why did the President acquiese to a corrupt, anti-American, Israel-hating organization incapable of enforcing its own demands?

3. Refusal to Quote Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, among others, who repeatedly spoke of the grave threat posed to the world by Saddam Hussein back in 1998. Was Saddam suddenly less of a threat after the 2000 Election? The President's reluctance to call out liberal hypocrisy as it pertains to Iraq was a display of weakness that has come back to haunt him.

4. Cave-In to Drive-By Media -- Suddenly, rightfully black and white phrases like "good vs. evil," and "Wanted: Dead or Alive," were jettisoned for a "kinder, gentler" approach that has led to electoral, and quite possibly, national, tragedy. The President should have ignored the demands of a biased, liberal media that was never going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He had a brief moment of enlightenment, when, in the wake of the foiled London airliner attacks, he correctly referred to America's enemy as "Islamo-fascists." Too bad it didn't last.

5. Lack of Communication with the American Public - Everyday, he should have been sounding the alarm, reminding Americans of the threats we face and explaining why a victory in Iraq was crucial to American interests and security. Again and again, he should have referred back to the 90's when liberals like John Kerry bemoaned Saddam's threat to the world.

While Iran foments insurgency and Civil War in Iraq, American leadership insists on following the same UN recipe for failure. Iran's August 31st deadline came and went, with no significant ramifications. Thus, the emboldened "Aman-jihad" (my name for Iran's manicial leader) continues his uranium enrichment program and sends terrorists into Iraq to literally kill any shot of stabilizing the country. And the President and the State Department do --- NOTHING.

Let's see...then there was the doomed Dubai Ports deal which belied the White House's lack of political savvy. Even if it was above-board, its negative perception by the public should have been anticipated. By the time the President got around to addressing the issue, it had already inflicted irreparable damage. The Harriet Miers nomination was another fiasco. And finally, his lack of will in securing America's porous borders (which looks like blatant pandering to the Hispanic vote), alienated not only conservatives, but the majority of Americans who favor border-enforcement.

I like President Bush personally, and in many cases, he has been unfairly maligned and insulted. But instead of solidifying the base that put him in office, he insisted on "winning hearts and minds," not just in Iraq, but among the minority (now majority) representatives in Congress. I am not excusing bad decisions on the part of crossover conservatives and independents who may have voted for Dems this time around; I'm simply stating the obvious that it was all so avoidable.

Yes, people should have voted "American," as Glenn Beck put it. National security should have trumped all else. But with a difficult war dragging on, thanks in part to political correctness, and a restless electorate, this was no time for the President and other Republicans to assume victory simply because the other side was a far-worse alternative. The biggest losers are our brave Military men and women. Just wait until purse-strings Pelosi cuts the war spending; the results will be cataclysmic.

With terrorists rejuvenated by a Democratic win, we can only hope that the donkeys will wake up and do the right things for the country. But I'm not betting on it.

God bless America. We need it more now than ever.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Arbonne Mania

Color me reinvigorated, after my team's third straight loss, but I am back with a vengeance, marketing my Arbonne business. Is there any better way for a free-market loving girl to go??? Not only are these phenomenal products, but they are a vehicle to a dramatic lifestyle change. With Arbonne, financial freedom and prosperity is in reach, as long as you commit to working the system. Where else but network marketing can an ordinary man or woman start their own enterprise with a $29 registration? Capitalism at its finest!

Shameless Plug

With so little to cheer about where the Eagles are concerned, at least at the moment, I've turned my attention to promoting my Arbonne business.

With Christmas and Hannukah approaching, there is no better gift than Arbonne's pure, safe and beneficial products. Spanning 6 industries: Anti-Aging skincare and suncare, Personal Care, Weight Loss, Cosmetics, Nutrition and Aromatherapy, Arbonne's Swiss formulas are devoid of animal by-products and harmful ingredients like lanolin, collagen, mineral oil and SD 40 alcohol. Instead, they are botanically-based and formulated in the USA, where Arbonne has had a presence for over 25 years.

For a simple $29 registration, anyone can purchase these products at a 35% discount, with savings of up to 80% depending on the order. With the convenience of online shopping and delivery to your front door, as long as you live in either the USA or Canada, I can help you become a wholesale buyer. Enjoy superior products for yourself and your loved ones at a reduced cost.

If you buy gifts for clients and live in South Florida, I am also offering to gift wrap and/or basket, for added convenience. Contact me via this blog for more information.

Sunday Again!!!

*****IMPLOSION!!!***** It's not quite official yet, but it looks like the heartbreak Eagles are about to lose their third in a row. The good news is I've created several marketing pieces for my Arbonne business and set up a tasting for my Mona Vie business. Just because the Eagles are determined to lose, doesn't mean I am not determined to win. TWO MINUTE WARNING!!! Can they tie it up???*****

For better or for worse, once a Philly fan, always a Philly fan, no matter how frustrating! Though I've lived in South Florida for 12 years, I've retained my fervent, devoted and sometimes -- harrowing -- loyalty for the guys in green, black and silver. The only difference is that now when they let me down, I can comfort myself by heading to a beautiful beach or taking a breathtaking ride down A1A, where magnificent homes line each side of the ocean and intracoastal.

Not so for my family, who cannot get away from the equally outraged local press, sports talk radio and cold temperatures (today they are dealing with 40 mile per hour winds, though it's only the end of October). I remember all too clearly what it was like to wallow in defeat after a losing game, especially when it was a critical division loss with the potential to come back to bite the Eagles, come play-off qualification time.

Conversely, there's nothing quite as exhilarating as watching your team overcome the odds, surrounded by fellow Philly-area dwellers. One of my very best memories is a brutally cold day at the Vet -- January 11, 1981 -- where along with Paul and Carolyn, I witnessed my team's blissful defeat of longtime nemesis, the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game. The Eags (as I sometimes call them affectionately) dominated the Cowboys and in sub-zero temperatures, prevailed 20-7. That euphoric victory almost rendered their heartbreaking performance in the Super Bowl, where they succumbed to the Raiders 27-10, irrelevant.

I say "almost" because obviously, a Super Bowl win would have lifted Championship-starved Philly fans to new heights, and would've at least provided some sort of comfort for the lack of a Super Bowl victory after 4 straight NFC Championship Games in a row, under Coach Andy Reid. Not that that's anything to sneeze at mind you, but to be so close, for so many years and still miss the prize is kind of like being nominated for a Daytime Emmy 19 years in a row and coming away empty, all the while having to smile and graciously congratulate the less experienced winner, and deal with an intrusive media. At least Susan Lucci finally got her just reward (though I haven't watched "All My Children" since adolescence). I believe it's about time for Philly fans to reap theirs, too.

Today the Eagles face the Jaguars on their home turf. My sister's 8 year-old won two tickets to today's match-up at the Linc, on the 100-level, no less, so perhaps Carolyn and Greg's presence will bring them luck. Given the $500 value of the tickets, the least the Eagles could do is put on a good show.

It makes me wonder how many of the Birds' blue-collar faithful can even afford to cheer on their team in person. Back in the day when our three season tickets at the Vet were valued at $33 bucks apiece, we surmised that countless Eagles fans were forking over their entire weekly paychecks for the chance to see Ron Jaworski, Wilbert Montgomery, Harold Carmichael, Bill Bergey and the rest of the gang on the field. Our goalpost seats in the 200-level were among the priciest in the 70's and 80's, yet today, $33 barely covers the cost of a parking place and a Game Day Program. Sadly, professional sports has become an elite luxury, instead of a vehicle for bringing residents of all socio-economic backgrounds together in one shared experience. And many of today's players have lost touch with the city they represent, thanks to excessive salaries and contract loopholes.

My brother Mark wrote an excellent post on Quad Squad, celebrating the life of one of his childhood heroes, former Philadelphia Phillie, Johnny Callison. In it he draws a striking contrast between professional sports players of yesteryear and today:

Now I have my own son who has his own baseball hero, who also happens to wear number 6. While today's # 6 ,Ryan Howard is a great young player as is Chase Utley, my son's boyhood baseball experience will sadly be different from mine due to today's changing times. The players today make so much money that they're mini - corporations, each with their own posse and entourage. They live in million dollar mansions and are cut off from the average fan.

Not so with Johnny. While born in Oklahoma and raised in Bakersfield, CA he was a true Philadelphian. Since 1960, he and his family lived in the modest suburb of Glenside. While Johnny undoubtedly made more than our dads, it wasn't that much more. He was a regular guy who lived in a regular neighborhood. He knew his neighbors and they knew him. For years he sold used cars in the off season. Can you imagine an MVP caliber player doing that today? Not a chance. It's kind of reminiscent of those old film clips of Willie Mays playing stickball with kids in the streets of Harlem, before heading off to the Polo Grounds to star for the old NY Giants. Sweet memories from a bygone era.

Bygone, but not forgotten.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Early Voting in Boca

Yesterday, after making my presentation to the Delray Business Partners (which required my rising out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5:45 a.m.), I headed over to Boca Raton City Hall to cast my early vote.

It was a typically gorgeous day in South Florida, with plenty of sunshine, balmy breezes and bright blue skies. The beautiful weather, coupled with the recent news of the resurgence of Republican candidates, gave me renewed hope and optimism that Americans will choose candidates this fall who will put the security of the United States above all other considerations.

Surprisingly, City Hall was bustling with voters eager to partake of their democratic right to cast a ballot, or, to put it more specifically, touch a computer screen to elect their favored candidates. Thank God, "hanging chads" are a horrendous thing of the past -- a distant nightmare, never to be revisited. Florida citizens now have no excuse (though I never had any problems with the "butterfly ballot" developed by former-Democrat-turned-Independent Theresa LePore) when it comes to election results.

Whether they favor the outcome or not, the simple, computerized process is just about idiot-proof; if you can't insert a card into a slot and press down on the screen next to the largely printed name of your preferred politician, it is probably best to stay home. And if the poll-workers at Boca Raton City Hall are an accurate representation, there's plenty of friendly, helpful assistance available, just in case.

As I stood at my computer station and indicated my choices on the screen, an indescribable feeling, reminiscent of my 2004 experience, came over me. It was some sort of eclectic mixture of defiance, hopefulness, optimism and appreciation -- in spite of my grave disappointment with many Republicans, including President Bush, and my abject fear of a Democratic take-over of the House.

Though not entirely thrilled with Charlie Crist, his campaign has aggressively courted the critical conservative base lately. Just the other day I received an impressive placard in the mail, touting Crist's pro-life position, among other Red State issues. I'm not completely convinced of his sincerity, but when the choice is between a Republican giving lip-service to my beliefs and a tax-and-spend liberal, I'll take the Republican every time. Until the Democrats offer up a viable candidate who understands the stakes of a post 9/11 world, there's no good justification for voting for a Donkey.

Which brings me to Katherine Harris. Congressman Clay Shaw and State Representative Adam Hasner notwithstanding, putting an electronic check mark next to Harris' name gave me the most satisfaction, especially given the GOP's deplorable treatment of the woman who was brave enough to uphold the State Constitution in 2000, in spite of death threats and relentless media condemnation. Had Harris abandoned her principles to fear, George W. Bush would not be occupying the Oval Office today, which renders his and Jeb's betrayal of her all the more disturbing. Katherine Harris is an intelligent, stalwart conservative, and though her defeat of Democrat Bill Nelson may be too much to hope for, I'm pulling for her to achieve the impossible. If nothing else, at least she's demonstrated courage and remained constant in her beliefs -- alien concepts to far too many US Senators.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Michelle Takes on Angelina

In her column today, Michelle Malkin lays out the cold, hard facts for pouty-lipped, America-bashing, multi-millionaire celebrity Angelina Jolie:

Jolie excoriates the West for rethinking lax asylum and refugee policies in a post-Sept. 11 world (even as the U.S. has just announced it will take in some 13,000 refugees from Burundi who have spent 30 years in Tanzania). But porous borders have aided jihadists from Bali to London to Berlin to Copenhagen to Melbourne to Boston. Unlike jet-setting celebrities, the rest of us can't fret about feeding every last one of the world's refugees when the survival of our own children's homeland is at stake.

No amount of ignorant Hollywood guilt-tripping can whitewash the United Nations' abject humanitarian failures. And no sovereign country should apologize for taking steps to look after its own first.

Angelina would do best to tuck her sanctimonious finger away and return to fantasyland.

Maybe she could take Madonna along with her.

North Korean "Nirvana"

Read this chilling account of life in North Korea by Hyok Kang printed this past Sunday in the London Times. If you don't believe Lil' Kim is a psychotic dictator who starves his own people and manipulates the hopelessly ineffective U.N., this survivor's harrowing story should change your mind. Here's an excerpt:

International food aid began to arrive in Onsong, our city, near the border with China. For a while the children started to get their strength back. But then the cadres reduced the rations. First the children had to make do with soup, then with nothing. Their faces were terribly thin, their cheeks were hollow and their eyes bulged with hunger.

The United Nations must have heard that the aid was not being distributed, because an inspection was organised. The party cadres, who had been alerted in advance, had rice delivered to the schools from state storehouses, which were apparently far from empty. The children were told to tell the UN inspectors that this diet was perfectly normal. On the day of the visit there were all kinds of dishes on the menu: noodles, maize soufflé. Once the UN team set off again, the cadres took back everything, including all the uneaten food from the tables where the children were still sitting.

Hunger engulfed my little universe. The poorest children lived on nothing but grass, and during class their stomachs rumbled. After a few weeks their faces began to swell, making them look well nourished. Then their faces went on growing until they looked as though they had been inflated. Their cheeks were so puffy that they couldn’t see the blackboard. Some of them were covered with impetigo and flaking skin.

I'm sure the people of North Korea are eternally grateful to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for their active roles in helping Lil' Kim develop nukes. I just hope the Bush Administration stands strong in cleaning up yet another inherited mess from Bubba and Company.

Dow Passes 12,000

Could it be an "evil" Rovian plot to affect the outcome of the election? I'm not expecting much coverage from the usual MSM suspects.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Useful Idiots Continue to Thwart US War against Global Jihad

Treason sure ain't what it used to be. At least if you've got a vile anti-American trial lawyer (whose name, as Mary Katherine Ham notes, says it all) by your side. For her role in disseminating messages from imprisoned World Trade Center bomber Omar Abdel-Rahman, bleeding-heart Leftie Lynne Stewart received the underwhelming sentence of 28 months. 28 MONTHS!!!!

Terror cells worldwide and captive Global Jihadists in Gitmo must be popping champagne corks (oh, excuse me, I'd forgotten that alcohol is "evil"), and laughing their Muslim behinds off at this latest example of sheer American idiocy. Or, more specifically, at the transparent lunacy of terrorist-sympathizing liberals who seem determined to do everything in their power to contribute to the demise of their own country.

As Rush so aptly pointed out his show today, Stewart's attorney, Elizabeth Fink, utilized the typical liberal method of mitigating current crimes by touting past good deeds (in this case "on behalf of the poor") and painting the criminal as a victim. Apparently, if a traitor is suffering from breast cancer, all else should be discarded. So what if her actions led to the death of 100 tourists at an Egyptian Resort, as Michelle notes? Who cares that Stewart was conspiring and aiding America's enemies in a time of War?

As Captain Ed opines, this epitimizes the abject failure of the law-enforcement mindset as it pertains to terrorism:

The government took this case to the appropriate venue; Stewart is an American citizen and committed a grievous crime. However, Judge Koeltl showed why the law-enforcement model will never defeat terrorism. Here we have an important part of a communication chain meant to instigate murder on a global scale, and the judge sentences her to 1/15th of the possible sentence. Koeltl waxed on about Stewart's previous good works, all of which would have amounted to zero comfort to anyone lost in a terrorist attack she enabled. In fact, we still don't know that there hasn't been an attack based on that communication.

Koeltl sent a message today that certain people can commit or enable acts of terror, as long as they have the correct political background. Stewart will do a few months at a minimum security work camp, and with her illness will probably avoid the work part of it. When she gets released, she will once again become the toast of the hate-America circuit, where she will once again claim she did nothing wrong and that the real terrorists are the people who have tried -- and succeeded -- to keep this country safe for the last five years.

It's a pathetic display, and Koeltl should be ashamed of himself.

Couldn't have said it better myself.